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IBA Championships

Congratulations to Jack Kidd from Dunbarton, Ronnie Talbot, Robert Kirkwood and Michael Nutt from Old Bleach and Darren Atkinson, Robin Horner, Ryan Cavan and Simon Martin from Belmont who won the IBA Youth Singles, Triples and Fours respectively. By winning three championships and finishing runners up in two more, the NIPGBL also won the Translink […]

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GP Committee Meeting 19th August

Committee heard reports from the Treasurer, League Secretary, Competitions Secretary and PRO. A number of issues were discussed in relation to possible changes to the rules governing league competitions. Thanks were recorded for clubs which hosted cup and championship semi finals and finals and also for umpires who officiated at these occasions. Congratulations were expressed […]

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PGL Cup Finals

Please note the following arrangements for the finals of the PGL Cup competitions. Junior Cup Final at Ballymena BC on 8th August at 6.30pm  Old Bleach B v Mossley B  Midweek Cup Final at Ulster Transport BC on 15th August at 6.30pm  Larne v Falls B or Ewarts  Senior Cup Final at Old Bleach BC […]

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Junior international team

The following NIPGBL players have been selected to represent Ireland in the BIBC junior international series in September. S Barkley, A Booth, R Cavan, R Kirkwood, S Kirkwood, J McBride, R McElroy, A McKeown, D Mills, M Petticrew, J Watson Congratulations to all those selected. Hopefully they can emulate the senior team’s recent success at […]

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GP Committee Meeting 3rd July

At the latest GP Committee meeting, members heard reports from the Treasurer, League Secretary, Competitions Secretary and PRO. Congratulations were expressed to the international team on its recent success at Northfield and to our BIBC Pairs runners up, Terry and Gary, Arrangements for the junior inter-association series in Dublin and for all the PGL Cup […]

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BIBC Senior Internationals

Congratulations to team manager Neil Booth and the players from all four associations on the Irish team’s magnificent win in the international series. Wins over Wales and England on Saturday were followed by a 1 shot victory over Scotland in today’s decider, securing the title for Ireland for the first time since 2009. Undoubtedly this […]


BIBC finals

Terry Crawford and Gary Eaton jnr lost 12-20 to Jersey in this afternoon’s BIBC Pairs final. The 2018 PGL and IBA champions had previously beaten England and Wales to reach the final. Congratulations to both players on their performance at all stages of the competition. Congratulations also to the BLI’s Colm O’Brien and the NIBA’s […]