The Championship draws have been completed and can be found on the relevant pages of this website for each discipline.  Would players please take note once again that we are starting with Triples on Friday 26th April followed by Fours on Monday 29th April and not Singles and Pairs as would normally be the case. 

Regarding the Singles please take note that for those four players in the PRELIMINARY round highlighted in BLUE on 27th May the winners of each match will have to play their FIRST round matches on Tuesday 28th May.  The random draw has also resulted in 12 HOME MATCHES at OLD BLEACH in the FIRST round.  To accommodate this Matches 1-6 highlighted in YELLOW will play their FIRST round matches on MONDAY 27th May with Matches 7 – 12 highlighted in RED playing their FIRST round matches on Tuesday 28th May.

As per Championship rules you may bring a match forward if both parties consent.  Games may not be played after the allocated date.  Only games postponed due to the green being unplayable will be rescheduled!