BIBC Championships 2015

Just an update on the results from Eddlewood in Scotland in the Championships. Ireland has picked up the Natwest trophy as the most successful country overall for the first time since 2003. In the Fours (Michael Higgins, Andy Hughes, DJ Wilson and Myles Greenfield agonisingly lost the final in the last end by one shot. Michael Higgins and Andy Hughes then joined with Tony Bell to successfully win the Triples title, which went right to the last bowl in the 18th end. To top off a successful day the Senior Fours (Joe McLainey, Raymond Barr, Roy Battersby and Robin Horner) won the second title of the day leading their game from start to finish. We would just like to offer our congratulations to all those players representing Ireland in the Championships. The International series starts this morning (Saturday) and we wish the entire Irish team every success.