This year’s Centenary Dinner is being held in Belfast City Hall on Friday 20th October.

You will have received 2 tickets that your club has already paid for. You may order as many additional tickets as required and both ladies and gentlemen are welcome to attend.

Unlike other years there are a number of requirements that the NIPGL must meet where the City Hall is concerned and one of them is:

A NAMED TABLE PLAN for ALL GUESTS will have to be submitted to Belfast City Hall by Monday 16th October so we would ask that if your club requires extra tickets could we ask you to please do the following:

1. Submit the number of ADDITIONAL tickets required along with names for every ticket holder (and include the names for the 2 tickets already purchased) to either DAVID McCLOY or DEREK FORSYTHE (PAYMENT OF £25 PER TICKET MUST ALSO BE INCLUDED)
2. This must be done NO LATER than SATURDAY 14TH OCTOBER
3. If clubs do not submit both the number of tickets required and the names of ALL ATTENDEES by this date then there will be no seat for you at any table and there will be NO EXCEPTIONS for anyone requesting tickets after this date.

If you have any queries please get in contact with either DAVID McCLOY or DEREK FORSYTHE ASAP
DAVID MccLOY – Mobile:07891 810467 Email: tdmccloy@gmail.com
DEREK FORSYTHE – Telephone: (028) 9147 3559 Email: forderek@talktalk.net
Thank you.