This is an issue that has been discussed previously and has now been raised again by several clubs.  The GP committee is aware through correspondence from some clubs that they really are struggling to field 16 players especially where a club has a second Saturday team.  Has the time now come to do something dramatic to allow clubs to play with fewer than 16 players?  The GP committee feels it cannot simply write new rules to facilitate this without first asking the opinion of the member clubs of the PGL.  Some suggestions we have received would involve creating a league division totally separate from the current Division 1-5 arrangement that would allow clubs to enter a team consisting of 12 player teams (either 4 x 3s or 3 x 4s).  This division would operate solely for those teams there would be no promotion, no relegation but it would allow clubs to field teams of 12 players to play each Saturday and may well encourage those clubs who have pulled teams out of the current league structure to re-enter a team in this new division.  For the clubs that would remain – ie those clubs that can comfortably field 16 players each Saturday or two or three teams each Saturday they would be accommodated/incorporated within the current league structure – no one would be suggesting to force clubs to drop in to a division where it would mean playing fewer players if you could comfortably field 16.  The GP committee would really like some feedback on this issue ASAP and it will be raised at the Management meeting next Thursday night.  If you have some thoughts please post them back to me here on the forum, contact the Honorary Secretary and please feel free to raise them at next Thursday’s meeting.  All clubs need to think what is good for the leagues as a whole not just what suits each individual club.