Dear All

It has now been confirmed to the League Secretary and the Honorary Secretary that both Shaftsbury B and Belmont D have withdrawn from competition for Division 5.  This now leaves 8 teams in the division and we will have to update the league tables accordingly to reflect withdrawal of these teams.  The League Secretary will be looking to see if we may need to do a further redraw of fixtures for the second half of the season but I will update members as soon as I have that information.  We appreciate that it is not easy for the teams that are left competing in Division 5 and serious consideration will now have to be given to how we move things forward for 2017 to encourage these teams that have withdrawn back in to the league.  It is clearly a matter of numbers for some teams and that means some difficult but necessary decisions will have to be taken about how Division 5 is formatted next year if it is to survive.  We appreciate that there are clubs who can field 16 players but there are clearly clubs who cannot and we need to find an accommodation to allow everyone to play that wishes to do so.  Further information will be posted as soon as I have it available.