Junior Inter-Association Trial

Dear Club Secretaries,

You may have noticed that there was no entry form in your usual ‘Start of Year Pack’ to allow you to forward details of your Under 25 members who would be eligible for the Junior Inter-Association trial in June.  It was agreed last season between the GP committee and the selectors that I (as safeguarding officer) would compile and keep a secure list of all members in the PGL who are both Under 25 and Under 18 and I will forward that list (names, age and clubs only) to the selectors in due course so that they can pick a trial team.  I did send out a letter a few weeks back asking if you had any new names for anyone Under 25 to update the list and if you have not done so then please can you forward these to me as soon as possible. 

Please note that due to new data protection laws due to come in to force I would appreciate that you do not publicly display a list of your Junior members’ personal details within your club and that this information is stored and shared securely.

Thank you.

Mark Tait LLB.

Safeguarding Officer.