Late July PRO snippets

Congratulations are due to several PGL players on their selection to various teams.

Simon Martin (Belmont) and Neil Mulholland (Old Bleach) join I McClure, M McHugh and G Kelly in the World Cup squad for New Zealand.

Andy Kyle (Larne) joins A Tennant for a trip to the Hong Kong Classic.

Following their runner up performance in the U 25 series the following have been selected for the Irish U25 team:

S Barkley (OB)*. R Cavan (Belmont)* R Bell (Mossley) R Kirkwood (OB)  S Shields (Ballymena). J McBride (Comber)*. J Moffett( Dunbarton) D Mills (Pickie). D Atkinson (Belmont).   S Kirkwood (OB)*. Reserves. A McKeown (Mossley)* and J Wayson (Pickie)*

* denotes new caps

We wish them all well.

Best wishes also to all the Individuals  and teams taking part in PGL Championships, PGL and IBA cup games over the next couple of weeks as we make a busy return after the July break.

Finally my thanks to Terry for sending me the following score line – Midweek Cup  Pickie v Belmont

A Parkes 23 – B Mercer 23.  S Gibson 22 –  S Ashwood 22.  B Ross 20 – G Flening 20.  L Burne 16 – A Ross 17.  Final score  81 – 82.

Must have been a thrilling contest.