The GP Committee is aware that there has been some discussion on the forum surrounding bowls matches that potentially clash with Northern Ireland Euro 2016 group stage matches and that there is the potential for considerable disruption.  There are two dates in the group stage that may clash with League/Cup matches – THURSDAY 16TH JUNE and TUESDAY 21ST JULY.

At the GP meeting this evening (9th March) the issue was discussed at length and the GP committee has agreed the following:

Thursday 16th June will now be a free date and the Midweek Cup 2nd Round will be moved to the 7th July with Semi-Finals moving to either 21st or 28th July.

Tuesday 21st June – Any league matches due to take place on this date (after IBA cup 3rd Round on Saturday 18th) may be postponed under Rule 9 governing League Championships (see below).  The GP committee has stipulated that all rearranged matches must be played by 30th July and that any postponement must be by MUTUAL AGREEMENT between both clubs.  If both clubs cannot agree then the match must be played on the original date – 21st June.

The GP committee stresses that THERE WILL BE NO FURTHER DISPENSATION to rearrange League/Cup matches should Northern Ireland qualify for the knock-out stages of the Euro 2016 Championships and that the dispensation offered only applies to the two dates mentioned above.

Rule (9) Other Situations

A fixture may be postponed when the green of the home club is unplayable or for any other valid reason. Inability to field the strongest possible team (e.g. by reason of players’ holiday commitments) will not however be regarded as a valid reason for postponement.

Any fixture postponed in accordance with the foregoing must be played within twenty eight working days from the date of the original fixture.

The home team shall offer two dates (not consecutive and which do not coincide with a fixture, involving either club, arranged by the Northern Ireland Private Greens Bowling League) to the opposing team, one of which must be accepted.

The Honorary League Secretary must be informed in writing (letter or email will be acceptable, text message is not) of the date agreed by both clubs concerned not later than 10 working days after the original fixture date. Failure to contact the Honorary League Secretary by either team within this period will result in forfeit of the fixture and the award of 7 points to the opposition. In the event that neither team contacts the Honorary League Secretary then the match shall be declared void. Should the home club not offer dates within 10 working days, the visiting team is still required to contact the Honorary League Secretary to advise him of the situation or it too will forfeit the fixture and no points will be awarded to either team.