PRO intro

I was delighted to take on the role of Public Relations Officer for the PGL this season and look forward to linking with the press and attempting to raise the profile of our association.

While I would not even attempt to follow my friend Bryan’s unique and extensive style I do hope to occasionally make a few observations and comments.

The unfurling was a great evening and Ronnie and Forth River made everyone feel very welcome. It was lovely to see old friends and I personally was delighted when North McQuay stopped for a chat and reminded me that we had played each other in my second ever PGL singles game 39 years ago.

The leagues got underway at the weekend in typical early season weather and already there have been big results and a few surprises – no doubt we are in for another great year.

PGL competition draws were made and the singles is already underway. Some great draws in the early rounds and I will comment more next time out.

If you have any news feel free to contact me at

Until the next time – Get them up!