PRO snippet – AGM

The 100th AGM of the NI Private Greens League was held at Old Bleach BC on Saturday 26th November. The outgoing President Ronnie McKitterick (F River) commented on a busy and successful year before handing the chain of office to Michael Nutt if the host club.

On taking up his post M Nutt said that he looked forward to an eventful and successful centenary year during which several events have been planned.

Congratulations were also expressed to Derek Forsythe (NICS) who takes office next week as President of the IBA.

During the busy meeting much of the business reflected concern about the decline in membership and resulting difficulties for smaller clubs in fulfilling fixtures.

A number of changes were passed in an attempt to assist clubs and encourage increased participation – reduction in ends to 18 in Divisions 4 & 5, an increased degree of leeway in rearranging fixtures, the introduction of a 3 rink league and consultation with the IBA / IWBA parent bodies with regard to allowing ladies to compete in selected competitions.

A 10 year badge was presented to F Robinson (Larne) and congratulations given to W Patton (Old Bleach) who retired from the selection committee after 25 years service.

Sam Cunningham (Ewarts) was elected as Vice President while the other offices were re-elected.

The Hon Treasurer tempered his positive financial report by stating that difficult times were ahead as funding changes would place an increased burden upon associations. As a result capitation fees were raised to £3.

Clubs were reminded that IBA affiliation fees and entries to cup competitions be made by 31st December.

GP committee delegates – E Conville, M Tait, R Blair and B Smith.

IBA council delegates – E Conville, M Tait, W Galloway and R Blair.

Selection committee – M Nutt, J R Nicholl, S B Allen, R Horner and C Mulholland.