PRO snippet – Champions

2018 Senior Inter Association Champions.

After a tense and intriguing weekend of bowls the Private Greens League emerged as champions, claiming the title for the first time since 2012.

They got their campaign off to a great start coming from behind to defeat the Provincial BA 8 – 1 (91-87) on Friday evening at Carrickfergus.

The same venue hosted the Saturday morning game against the Bowling League of Ireland who won for the second year in a row 7 – 2 (96 – 92).

With the others games being won by the NIBA and PBA respectively it meant that all four associations could claim the title with a win in their final game.

The Private Greens however saved their best performance for the decider at Whitehead and beat the NIBA 7 1/2 – 1 1/2 (107-86) to take the trophy.

The Final standing were – PGL 17 1/2, PBA 15, NIBA 11 1/2 and BLI 10.

The Rinks skipped by Simon Martin (+18) and Andrew Kyle (+14) finished unbeaten with 3 points each while the other Rinks all contributed points – Terry Crawford (1 1/2) Andrew Duncan (1) and Stephen Coleman (1).

So a fantastic weekend and congratulations to all involved.