Pro snippet – Juniors win new 5 man Inter Association Championship

Congratulations to the PGL Junior 5 man team on winning the inaugural Inter Association championship at Belmont this afternoon.

In the morning Semi Final they had a narrow shots up win over the NIBA. Adam McKeown turned in two great performances to win the Singles (21 – 9 over J Moffett in a replay of the recent IBA U 18 final) and Pairs (18-11 with partner Stephen Kirkwood).

Despite loses in the Triples and Fours the shots advantage of +10 was enough to earn a Final spot.

In the afternoon the team hit top form with 3 wins and a draw against the Bowling League of Ireland. McKeown again lead the way with a 21-13 Singles win and massive 30-5 Pairs win, where he lead to Kirkwood.

Dean Mills, Ryan Cavan and Darren Atkinson weighed in with a 23-10 Triples win and together with Kirkwood an 18 all draw in the Fours.

All in all a tremendous days bowling from the 5 young lads.

Meanwhile in the Senior event the team got off to a great start with a 3-1 Semi Final win over the NIBA.

DJ Wilson battled hard before losing 16-21 to M McHugh in the Singles but then joined Andy Kyle to record a fantastic 24-11 win over Brown / McHugh in the Pairs.

Simon Cavan, Simon Martin and Stephen Coleman won the Triples 18-14 and with Kyle added as skip then took the Fours 12-8.

In the Final however the Provincial Bowling Association proved to be too strong with only the Pairs winning their game.