PRO snippet – Outdoor is upon us

IBA President Mike Brophy at unfurling on Saturday at Dun Laoghaire BC.

As we bid farewell (hopefully) to one of the coldest winters in recent years all eyes turn towards the glorious outdoor season.

Outdoor bowls – check. Subscription paid – check. PGL entries in – check. Still fit into whites – ???. Muscle building exercise programme completed – check.

President Sam Cunningham (Ewarts) joined fellow IBA council members in Dun Laoghaire to support IBA President Mike Brophy at the flag unfurling which officially opened the new season.

On Friday evening he will host the NIPGL unfurling at Ewarts BC and we wish him a great evening and enjoyable season.

Early next week the championship draws takes place so we will all look forward to seeing who comes out of the hat.