Ronnie Harper

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Ronnie Harper.

Ronnie was a character and great ambassador for bowls which he reported on for many years. He was a stalwart of Pickie BC  and was acknowledged for his contribution to bowls by being awarded honorary membership of  both the NIPGBL and IBA.

A full profile can be found in our Centenary publication but I would highlight the following comment made by Michael Nutt – “Ronnie had a favourite phrase which he used frequently when referring to the player whom he considered to be the most talented Ireland had ever produced – ‘The nonpareil Jim Baker’. Nonpareil – having no match or equal, unrivalled, incomparable. The phrase seems just as applicable to a dedicated clubman, a highly respected journalist and a friend of the NIPGBL and Irish bowls. The nonpareil Ronnie Harper”.

We extend our sympathy to his family circle and the Pickie club at this difficult time.