Can I thank everyone who so promptly sent me results last Saturday evening, it made things a lot easier. Just to remind everyone I will close off results at 7.30pm each Saturday and forward what I have received to the Sunday life. If you send you results in after this time it is unlikely you will see them in the Sunday paper although I will still be updating them on the website. There were several clubs that I did not receive any results from albeit some were subsequently sent on via the League Secretary (I am still missing a few). I stress that it is important that I get both the POINTS AND THE SHOTS SCORED from each match otherwise I cannot update the league tables (you may have noticed that some fixtures still read as though no match played) so I would ask again that all clubs appoint someone to send results to either myself, David McCloy or via the forum or email. On another note on behalf of the GP committee I would like to thank Brian Leonard very much for all his hard work designing the formula that allows the league tables to be updated so easily, it may appear a simple matter when viewing online but there was a lot of hard work and time went it to the design and for that I express our gratitude.