Dear All

There have been several comments made on the forum about updating league tables and getting results in.  Again, can I thank everyone who promptly sends me in league results on a Saturday evening it is much appreciated.  That being said there are still a number of clubs who either do not send me any results or only send part of the results.  I close this off at 7.30pm Saturday evening and email them to Alex Mills.  As has been stated here on the website and the forum – if you want me to get your results in to the Sunday life then I need the total number of points for each team, total shots scored for each team and the individual rink scores.  On Sunday I update the League tables with the results received and if you want the league tables updated in a timely manner I again need the points for each team AND the total shots scored for each team.  I appreciate that some clubs are sending me in results such as points scored 5-2 for whichever team BUT UNLESS I GET THE SHOTS SCORED FOR EACH TEAM the league tables will not update correctly.  I am deliberately not filling in these results until I get all the information I need.  Please can you appoint someone in your club to send me these results on Saturday evening, I don’t mind getting them twice if it is both home and away team sending them.