IBA Junior Team Championships 2021

CLUBS PLEASE NOTE: As part of our ongoing guidance and advice surrounding COVID 19 we would ask that all match secretaries keep an accurate note of names of each person playing in each match to facilitate TRACK & TRACE should it become necessary. If players have not already done so you may wish to download the StopCOVID NI App as an added measure.

The format for each team will be: 2 x 2 bowl triples playing 18 ends & 2 x 3 bowl pairs playing 18 ends. Please note originally this was originally circulated as 21 ends and 18 ends, but since changed by the IBA.

Winner determined on shots alone.

No ladies permitted in IBA Team Championships

Dress code greys and club shirts. No catering after matches.

Submit results to Brian Leonard. No cards to be sent.

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