IBA Team Championships 2021

It was decided that the normal IBA Senior, Intermediate and Junior could not be run this season. This was due to a number of factors including that at present teams from the BLI could not travel to fulfil cup ties or clubs from NI could not travel south.

However, for this season only, the IBA will run an alternative competition, The ‘IBA Team Championships’.There will be a Senior, Intermediate and Junior competition.

Details of these are shown below:

The rules for the IBA Team Championships will be followed as per Irish Cup rules and General rules with the following variations:

Maximum two teams per club in each competition entered.

          Each Team shall consist of Ten players playing as:

          2 Triples playing 2 bowls each over 18 ends

          2 Pairs playing 3 bowls each over 18 ends

          Total score will decide winner

          Entry fee £5.00 per team.

          Should a club enter two teams in any Team Championship a player may only represent one team.

          STAGE 1 – Ties to be played at Association level down to the last two in each cup. Qualifiers to be notified to the IBA by the 8th August.

          STAGE 2- The Quarter finals (open Draw), Semi-Finals and Finals to be played on dates and venues to be arranged by the IBA.

It has been agreed that post match catering will not be required this year.

Click on the links below to view the Stage 1 Draws within the NIPGBL




CLUBS PLEASE NOTE: As part of our ongoing guidance and advice surrounding COVID 19 we would ask that all match secretaries keep an accurate note of names of each person playing in each match to facilitate TRACK & TRACE should it become necessary. If players have not already done so you may wish to download the StopCOVID NI App as an added measure.

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