All matches, as confirmed at the AGM in 2021, revert back to standard 16 players on 4 rinks playing 21 ends except in Divisions 4 and 5 who will play 18 ends. Ladies are permitted to play in both the PGL Leagues and PGL League cup matches. The League Secretary would like to remind everyone that BOTH teams should be returning master scorecards with names of ALL players. If you are short on mastercards, you can download a Google Sheets copy of the spreadsheet here and return it via email or you can print your own copies and return via post or screenshot on Whatsapp.

Editable spreadsheet:

Printable copy:

Catering – this is now down to the discretion of each club as to whether they cater or not. It will be each club’s responsibility to contact each team within your own division to confirm if catering will be provided for each match.

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DIVISION 4 – 2023

DIVISION 5 – 2023

MIDWEEK 1 – 2023

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