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General Competition Rules

(applying to League Championships, Midweek League, Challenge Cups and Championships)

1. All competitions shall be played under the code of Laws of the Game as formulated by the World Bowls Board, with amendments approved by the Irish Bowling Association for use in domestic competitions.

All competitions, with the exception of the Championships, shall be open to male and female players. Entry to the Championships shall be restricted to male players.

To be eligible to play for a club a female player must be a member of that club and, during the current season, not have played for any other club in a league or cup competition run under the auspices of a body which is affiliated to the Irish Womens Bowling Association.

2. All competitions shall be confined to the members of Clubs comprising the Northern Ireland Private Greens Bowling League. A player can only represent one Club in the Leagues, Challenge Cups and Championships in any one year.

3. A player who takes part in any competitive match or tie in any other league affiliated to the Irish Bowling Association shall not be eligible to play during the season in competitive matches or ties under the jurisdiction of the Northern Ireland Private Greens Bowling League. It shall not be permissible for a club or any member of a club to enter or take part in a competitive match or tie in Ireland promoted by a league or association of clubs not affiliated to the Irish Bowling Association except with the approval of the General Purposes Committee. The eligibility of female players shall not be impacted by playing in an event run under the auspices of the Irish Women's Bowling Association or one of its constituent bodies. This rule does not apply to players who play in a league or cup competition where participation is restricted to veteran bowlers.

4. In all games or ties in the League Championships, the Senior and Junior Challenge Cups and the semi-finals and finals of Championships, competing players must wear white, cream or approved coloured trousers / shorts / skirts. Players may wear either white or approved coloured shirts (with collar) with sponsor's logo. Pullovers, cardigans, jackets, rainwear and headgear, if worn, must be white or cream or of the same colour and design as approved shirts. All players on teams or sides must wear trousers/shorts/skirts of the same colour and shirts of the same colour and design. Regulation bowling shoes must be worn for all matches.

The colour of trousers / shorts / skirts and the colour / design of shirts and any proposed logo must be approved by the General Purposes Committee.

For Midweek League matches, Midweek Cup Matches and earlier rounds of Championships, substitute grey trousers/shorts/skirts for white or cream trousers / shorts / skirts.

5. Bowls discs must be used in all competitions. Where discs in club colours are not being used, red discs must be used by the home team and blue discs by the away team. The discs to be used in semi-finals and finals shall be decided by the Honorary Competitions Secretary or the Honorary League Secretary.

6. Match and ties shall commence not later than the following times:

(a) Saturdays: 2pm or in the case of a second match on the same green, 6pm.
(b) Evenings: 6.30pm
Semi-finals and finals may be arranged by the General Purposes Committee for an earlier time.

These times must be adhered to within a limit of 15 minutes otherwise the match or tie may be claimed by the side or competitors ready to commence play.

7. When a match or tie is to be played, the rinks to be played on shall be drawn at the green by the visiting player or their representatives

8. Umpires - if considered necessary, qualified umpires/markers may be appointed by the General Purposes Committee for matches or ties. It shall be their duty to settle disputes that may arise between the competitors, and in the case of inclement weather, to decide in consultation with the green keeper or club official whether the green, at the time, is in a condition to play, their decisions to be final.

9. Protests shall be made in writing to the Honorary General Secretary and shall be dealt with in accordance with the rules of the relevant competition.

10. All competitions under the direct control of the Northern Ireland Private Greens Bowling League shall be played on flat outdoor greens. The General Purposes Committee may arrange for floodlights to be used during semi-finals and finals.

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