League & Cup Entry Forms

The 2023 NIPGL League & Cup Competitions Entry Form has been sent out to all club Secretary’s this week. Please can all clubs return completed forms to the League Secretary no later than Friday 17th March to allow for fixtures and cup draws to be completed. No late entries will be accepted.


The GP Committee has decided that Division 5 this year will be a 12-player division. This is noted on the entry form. Please note, if your club wish to move to Division 5 from a higher division, you should inform the League Secretary ASAP. If your club has a team in Division 5 and wishes to play in a 16-player division, it will be accommodated if there is space available(i.e. fewer than 10 teams in division 4).Promotion and relegation is still possible between these 2 divisions.


This year, Balmoral BC was granted admission to the Association, and we welcome them. The GP Committee decided that should they enter 2 teams into the League Championship, their “A” team would be placed in Division 3 and their “B” team into Division 5. This means Division 3 will have 11 teams unless another team drops out or does not enter the League Championship.

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