League Results – updating PG website

This season after each game can you please text your results to either Brian Leonard 07718896164 or Damien Bintley 07812111427.

We need the team names, points split and shots. Feel free to add the rink scores too.

This season we are trialling submitting results via WhatsApp. This is not mandatory by any means and a text message to Brian or Damien is fine instead.

We’ve set up a group for each division. Match secretaries, or the person who regularly submits results, can click the link and automatically join the relevant WhatsApp division results group if they want. This means you can post your results in this group and you’ll hear how other teams in your division did as we do and aren’t waiting for us to get home and update the website or forum. These groups will be solely for results submission and we will remove people from the group if required.

Division 1 link 
Division 2 link
Division 3 link 
Division 4 link
Division 5 link
Midweek Division 1 link
Midweek Division 2 link

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