Looking forward, looking back

With only 25 days to go to the first round of league fixtures, we take a final pre-season look back at the history of the NIPGBL, 25 years ago in 1994.

President: S McKeown (Ballywalter)

Hon Secretary: H Montgomery (Cavehill)

Hon Treasurer: CE Gillett (Hilden)

Competitions Secretary: D Irvine (Transport)

League Secretary: T McIlvenna (Old Bleach)

IBA President: W Patton (Old Bleach)

A Division 1: Cliftonville

A Division 2: Pickie

B Division 1: Falls

B Division 2: RVH

Midweek Division 1: Falls

Midweek Division 2: Pickie

Midweek Division 3: North Belfast

Senior Cup: Willowfield

Junior Cup: Falls

Midweek Cup: Ballymena

IBA Senior Cup: Cliftonville

Championship Winners

Singles: A Whisker (Saintfield)

Pairs: R Saunders, A Montgomery (NICS)

Triples: W Kinkead, T Seymour, A McDowell (Larne)

Fours: R Smith, R Gray, J Patterson, D Johnston (Cliftonville) – also IBA Fours champions

Under 25: T Law (Cliftonville)

S Adamson (Dunbarton) and SB Allen (Cliftonville) won bronze medals in the pairs at the Commonwealth Games in Victoria, Canada.

A Whisker (Saintfield) won the Peter Carmichael Young Player of the Year Trophy.

Midweek games in the senior and junior league and cup competitions were played in whites for the first time.

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