Management Committee 25th March

A meeting of the NIPGBL Management Committee was held at Belmont BC on Friday 25th March. Prior to the meeting commencing, President Peter McKnight noted that the last Management Committee meeting took place on 24th September 2019 and a minute’s silence was observed in memory of those members and friends of the bowling fraternity who had passed away in the intervening years.

Among the information provided to delegates were club fee accounts, entry forms for championships and details relating to league competitions, including the return of results to the League Secretary.

The meeting heard that proposed changes to IBA Cup rules had been approved and will be effective for the IBA Cups 2022. Teams playing in NIPGBL Division 1 will only be eligible for entry to the IBA Senior Cup, teams playing in Division 2 will be eligible for the IBA Intermediate Cup and teams from Divisions 3, 4 and 5 will be eligible for the IBA Junior Cup.

Delegates were updated about discussions on the future of the Home International series and about a statement issued by the IBA. A link to this statement is provided in a separate post.

The Treasurer anticipated some of the costs likely to be incurred during the forthcoming season and reminded delegates of the rules relating to the payment of capitation fees.

Information will be gathered from clubs about catering arrangements for the 2022 season and the intention of each club will then be displayed on the NIPGBL website. It is hoped that this will avoid any misunderstandings during the course of the season, although this measure does not necessarily remove the need for effective communication between clubs on this subject.

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