The GP Committee is grateful to those clubs who replied to our consultation process. All views have been carefully considered.

Decisions regarding the format of all competitions have been guided by current guidance from the IBF and the NI Executive and by the General Purposes Committee’s desire to afford as many clubs as possible the opportunity to engage in competitive play this summer.

While the following outcome may not suit all, it is considered the most appropriate and viable option in the current, constantly changing, circumstances.

NIPGBL League Competitions
For this season only, we will adopt a 12-player team format (4 x triples). We have also considered those clubs who may not be able to field 12 players on a team and more in-depth information is available on the relevant NIPGL League 2021 document.

This will apply in all Saturday Divisions and in both Divisions of the Midweek League.

NIPGBL Cup Competitions

For this season only, we will adopt a 12-player team format (4 x triples).
This will apply in the PGL Senior, Junior and Midweek Cup competitions.

NIPGBL Championships

We intend to run a full programme of Championships, namely Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours, Senior Fours, Junior Singles and Youth Singles.

As previously agreed, it remains our intention to have Junior Championships in the future, but it was felt that these should not be introduced for the first time this summer in a season which has already been curtailed.

IBA Cups

It is anticipated that the IBA will not be running IBA Cups in their traditional format this year.

Instead, and subject to approval at IBA level, each individual association will run knockout cup competitions (Senior, Intermediate, Junior) based on the format of a 10-player team, comprising 2 x 2-bowl triples and 2 x 3-bowl pairs.

The two finalists in each cup from each association will compete in the second knockout phase of this competition to decide the winners of the IBA events.

The normal IBA rules relating to the eligibility of players to compete in these cup competitions (Senior, Intermediate, Junior) are expected to apply.

Additional Information

Any amendments to rules which may be required to comply with current restrictions and to accommodate these new formats will be communicated to clubs well in advance of the start of competitive play (which is currently anticipated to be no earlier than Saturday 22nd May 2021).

Entry forms for all events organised by the NIPGBL have been attached and a prompt return will be required, in order to allow appropriate time for planning and arranging fixtures.

All relevant documentation has been forwarded to club secretaries/representatives.

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