Postponed League Matches

The League Secretary would draw your attention to Rule 9 of the League Championships regarding the recent postponement of the majority of League Matches on the 27th April.

The home team shall offer two dates (not consecutive and which do not coincide with a fixture, involving either club, arranged by the Northern Ireland Private Greens Bowling League) to the opposing team, one of which must be accepted.

The Honorary League Secretary must be informed in writing (letter or email will be acceptable, text message is not) of the date agreed by both clubs concerned not later than 10 working days after the original fixture date. Failure to contact the Honorary League Secretary by either team within this period will result in forfeit of the fixture and the award of 7 points to the opposition. In the event that neither team contacts the Honorary League Secretary then the match shall be declared void. Should the home club not offer dates within 10 working days, the visiting team is still required to contact the Honorary League Secretary to advise him of the situation or it too will forfeit the fixture and no points will be awarded to either team.

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