Senior Inter Association Trial

The following players have been selected to play in the PGL Senior Inter-Association Trial at Belmont BC on Thursday 11th May.  Please arrive by 6.00pm for a 6.30pm start.  Dress code – club colours.

The Inter-Association series will be held at Belmont BC on Friday 26th May and Saturday 27th May.  If any of the players selected are unavailable for the Trial or the Series please let Chris Mulholland know asap – 07733111052 or  

M Albert (Balmoral)

N Beggs (Belmont)

S Bennett (Belmont)

B Browne (Dunbarton)

R Cavan (Belmont)

S Cavan (Belmont)

Aaron Coleman (Ballymena)

S Coleman (Ballymena)

T Crawford (Salisbury)

A Duncan (Ballymena)

G Eaton (Salisbury)

M Foster (Belmont)

S Gibson (Balmoral)

R Kirkwood (Old Bleach)

S Kirkwood (Old Bleach)

J Kyle (Larne)

S Martin (Belmont)

D Mills (Belmont)

J A Moffett (Dunbarton)

J Moffett (Dunbarton)

J Montgomery (Old Bleach)

N Mulholland (Old Bleach)

C McCartan (Dunbarton)

R McElroy (Dunbarton)

G McGleave (Salisbury)

M McHugh (Old Bleach)

G McKee (Ards)

A McLean (Larne)

R McMullan (Dunbarton)

A O’Keefe (Dunbarton)

M Trainor (Dunbarton)

DJ Wilson (Dunbarton)

JR Wilson (Old Bleach)

D Witherspoon (Larne)

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