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Access NI Disclosure - Applicant Information

As part of the recruitment process for a role in which you have expressed an interest, a criminal record check is required to be completed.  In Northern Ireland this check is undertaken by AccessNI, upon receipt of a valid application.  A disclosure certificate will be issued at the end of the process, including criminal record and other relevant information.

You can find out more about AccessNI at on the NIdirect website.

Before the AccessNI process is commenced, and if you are applying for an Enhanced check (with a Barred List check), you are required to disclose if there is any reason why you cannot work in Regulated Activity.

The AccessNI application must be made on-line through the nidirect website.  You will be required to set up a nidirect account to complete your application.  The application will be checked and authorised by an approved Umbrella Body before being transferred to AccessNI for processing.  A link to the AccessNI Privacy Notice is available here or prior to commencing the e-application form.

You should note the following important information about the AccessNI application process:-

  1. NI Sports Forum has been appointed to check and authorise your application.
  1. The name of the authoriser is Niamh MacManus
  1. The PIN to be used on the on-line application is 750202. 
  2. Copies of your Identity documents will be sent to NI Sports Forum; these will be destroyed 90 days after the date the disclosure certificate is issued.
  1. Your employer, and not the Umbrella Body, will be responsible for the decision whether or not to offer you a position.
  1. Having a criminal record does not necessarily prevent you from obtaining a position.
  1. A policy is in place that sets out the organisation’s approach to recruiting ex-offenders – a copy of this can be made available at your request.
  1. The AccessNI statutory Code of Practice is available on the nidirect website and can be viewed at:

If you have any questions in relation to this process you should, in the first instance, contact the person who asked you to complete the AccessNI application.

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