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Midweek League Rules

1. (i) The main purpose of the Mid-Week League is to give the opportunity of competitive play to club members who do not play in the League Championships.

(ii) Any player named in a panel as required under League Championships is not permitted to play in any Midweek League match.

(iii) When it is proved that a club played an ineligible player, including a player on a named panel ("starred" player), the club shall forfeit the match and the points shall be awarded to their opponents.

(iv) Where a club has two teams playing in the Midweek Leagues a player may only play for one of the teams during the course of a season. Should this rule be contravened the match in which an ineligible player takes part shall be declared void and seven points shall be awarded to the opposing team.

2. The League will be divided into 2 divisions.

A system of promotion and relegation will operate. The two bottom teams in Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2. The two top teams in Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1.

New entrants will play in Division 2

3. Midweek League matches shall consist of 4 fours and 18 ends shall be played. Teams may mutually arrange prior to the commencement of a match to limit the number of ends to be played. Not less than 15 ends shall be played.

Teams may play no trial ends, 1 trial end or 2 trial ends. An agreement to do otherwise e.g. to play for 1 shot on the first two ends may result in both clubs being subject to sanctions.

4. The winners in each division shall receive 18 badges. Additional badges not exceeding 6 may be purchased for competitors from the Honorary Treasurer.

5. Games postponed because of the unavailability of a green or because the green of the home team is unplayable will be played at the earliest possible date by arrangement between the clubs concerned.

The Honorary League Secretary must be informed in writing (letter or email will be acceptable, text message is not) of the date agreed by both clubs concerned not later than 10 working days after the original fixture date. Failure to contact the Honorary League Secretary by either team within this period will result in forfeit of the fixture and the award of 7 points to the opposition. In the event that neither team contacts the Honorary League Secretary then the match shall be declared void. Should the home club not offer dates within 10 working days, the visiting team is still required to contact the Honorary League Secretary to advise him of the situation or it too will forfeit the fixture and no points will be awarded to either team.

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